// Individual, Couples, and Family Talk Therapy & Counselling

Change The Relationships that Matter Most
  • Family and Relational Conflict
  • Parent-Child Challenges
  • Marital/Couple Discord
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Low Motivation / Procrastination
  • Self-image Struggles
  • Mild to Severe Substance Use and Dependency Issues
  • Coping with Loved Ones’ Substance Use (mild to dependence)
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Individual Therapy

Are you wanting to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and the blocks interfering with your growth and development? 

The focus of our work is solution oriented with an intent to go beyond insight and into actions that support preferred directions, countering habitual patterns that support feeling stuck with problems that dominate your life.

The overall goal is the continuation of the growth and adaptation towards your authentic self, so that you may thrive within supportive relationships and achieve greater meaning in your life.

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Couples' Therapy

All relationships require ongoing work, nurturance, and actions that build trust, as well as deepen intimacy.  Therapy helps support the difficult conversations that are blocking progress in an environment that encourages a focus on mutual respect, listening to understand the other, and being courageous in expression of who you are and what you need.

We all rely on close relationships to develop and sustain us.  We are also influenced by our family of origin histories and experiences.  Our primary learning about who we are and how relationships work are largely informed by our families. 

Interestingly, we are also attracted to individuals with similar levels of development and both the issues which hold us back, as well as the potential for change that allow for repair and ongoing development. This makes couples’ counselling a powerful tool for both relationship and personal growth.

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Family Therapy

Often, problems are not located within people, but between people. By bring your closest loved ones together, we can create an environment to cultivate your relationships and nurture your mutual needs. Working with both parents and children of all ages, we can explore what it means to be a member of your family, and how your role can impact your emotional wellbeing.

Families are our training ground and primary influence of how we understand ourselves, how relationships work, and how our early attachments have both hindered and helped our understanding of what is possible. Let’s explore your past and present relationships, discover and work on unwanted relational patterns that may exist with a vision forward to a future of love, strength and positivity.

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Substance Use Therapy

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and recovery. Through open and honest conversations, we will confront the underlying emotions and histories that lead you to substance use. We will develop alternative coping strategies, and explore alternative ways to change your relationship with substances.

In this therapeutic space, you will find support, compassion, and understanding. Recovery is a process, different for each person – mistakes made and lessons learned. In our work together we will lean on your personal strengths, develop your relationships for support, and enhance your motivation to make the changes you want. You can break free and reclaim your life, enjoying a more fulfilling future that you deserve.

“My experience has supported my belief that substance use is largely a temporary solution to ongoing problems that negatively dominate the ways we understand ourselves, our relationships, and our beliefs about what is possible.” -Reg Fleming

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How Does Therapy Work?

  • My philosophy

    I get results by connecting you to your strengths and relationships.  Outcome research has determined that the most important contributions to a positive counselling process are what the client contributes in terms of strengths and resources, and the fit or alliance between therapist and client(s). Most models or approaches yield similar results provided the relationship is between client and therapist is honest, open and based on mutual trust and respect.

    What is key is your belief that my approach works for you and my willingness to adapt my approach to your preferences. I believe an open and flexible mind is key for bridging the gap between client and therapist, and always strive to make an honest connection.

    I offer a free 30-minute consultation to make sure that we are the correct match for each other.

  • My methodology

    I have extensive training with a therapeutic process utilizing brief measures tracking both client outcomes and feedback on each session.  Feedback Informed Treatment (F.I.T.) is used widely internationally with proven improvements to client outcomes.  There are two measures –  the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) administered at the beginning of each session, and the Session Rating Scale (SRS) at the end of each session.

    The ORS is used to assess your subjective experience, and measure and track outcomes over the course of treatment. By using ORS we can track your progress and make adjustments in my approach or methods. The ORS enhances collaboration and promotes client-centered care.

    The Session Rating Scale (SRS) ensures ongoing feedback on my work with you in session. Our working alliance is key to your change. Negative feedback is essential in the therapeutic relationship.

  • A holistic approach

    Throughout my career I have witnessed the power of family therapy on the individuals involved. Even though only one member may be experiencing symptoms of distress, the most effective treatment is often bringing the entire family together.

    Addressing relational issues means that problems are viewed as interactional and reciprocal. No one is to blame, as each person contributes to the problem and the potential solutions. Empowering how the individuals (self) can take responsibility for their part requires effort, and leads to positive change within their control. This is authentic power.

  • Make most out of your counselling

    The following questions may assist you in your decision to attend counselling and get the most out of talk-therapy. This is much of what we will be exploring during our sessions, so reflecting on these points can help to expedite your healing process.

    • What is going on now that has you concerned and thinking that counselling may help?
    • What is your understanding about what and who has contributed to this problem situation developing?
    • How much have you been convinced that the problem is internal, or that you are flawed in some way?
    • How did this idea develop?
    • How helpful has this idea been in your being able to live a life you prefer?
    • In what ways has this notion about your situation kept you stuck or constrained?
    • How and when does this happen?
    • What and who challenges your attempts to change your direction towards what you want?
    • What have you tried to do towards solving the problem, or coping with the problem?
    • What worked, even a little? What did not work?
    • How have you been able to resist the negative effects of this problem situation? What do you know about yourself that does not fit with the problem?
    • Who has been a support and encouraged you that you are not the problem, but the problem is the problem? How much do you agree with them?
    • Who else would be helpful in addressing this change or changes, and would be willing to attend sessions? What other ways could you keep your supports up to date, including them in your changes?
    • How hopeful are you that change regarding this problem situation is possible? What helps, even a little with that belief?
    • Who else will notice this change and what will they say about it?
    • What role do you want me to take in this process? What do you want me to avoid in our work together?
    • What will be different when you know that our work together has significantly addressed the problem situation or lead you to the solutions that counter the problem?

Rates for Services

  • Rates for therapy are $165/hr.

    Counselling is not covered by the BC provincial health plan but you might have partial or full coverage from your employer’s extended insurance plan for counselling by a “Registered Clinical Counsellor” (RCC). Client are encouraged to check in with your employee benefits and health Insurance for the possibility of reimbursement.

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