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Reg Fleming, 
Bachelor Arts in Psychology, University of Calgary (1984)
Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology, John F. Kennedy University (1990)
Registered Marriage and Family Therapist (Canadian and BC Association of Marriage and Family Therapy)
Registered Clinical Counsellor (BC Association of Clinical Counsellors)

I have worked as a counsellor and therapist in a variety of publicly funded counselling agencies for over 30 years. I have extensive supervision, training and experience specializing in substance use issues, mental health, and family therapy. I have provided clinical supervision for over 15 years.

In 2015 I began my private practice in Victoria, BC with the goal of returning to my interest developing a practice for individuals, couples and families by offering a therapeutic service tailored to their unique needs and wishes for positive change. I offer a client-directed approach. Expect a balance between the need to validate and understand your experience with a challenge to change in positive directions.

reg fleming

A Lifetime of Experience

“Looking back in time, I have had a deep yearning to understand what makes us who we are and what can lead to positive change. Growing up in my family was a challenge. My parents did the best they could, but I was largely left on my own to figure out what I needed to do to take care of myself and improve what was going on at home.

All of this was happening at a time when children were often encouraged to not talk about their struggles or family issues. The net result was isolation, confusion, and reluctance to ask for help.

My family went through a divorce, which lead to new challenges and better opportunities including the formation of our step-family. I was also fortunate in finding positive friendships, and caring grandparents.

My interest in the importance of understanding and personal and relational change lead to a B.A. in psychology at the University of Calgary, and an M.A.(Clinical Psychology) specializing in child, adolescent and family therapy from John F. Kennedy University.

Over 30 years of practice as a therapist has supported my belief in the possibility of positive change and growth regardless of what has happened to a person. Understanding the impact of our families and cultures we grow up in can lead to transforming both how we think and feel about Self and relationships.

My personal and professional focus for the last 20 years has been understanding what factors work in talk therapy. I have been an avid consumer of research examining the factors that lead to change utilizing therapy. My practice reflects the use of these well researched factors. The importance of utilizing methods that put my clients as the directors of change they seek, and utilizing client feedback at the end of each session are key to positive outcomes in talk therapy.

My ongoing learning from my clients and continued training to become a better therapist continues. It is my passion.”

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